Golf Like A Pro: Detailed Product Review Of Top 10 Golf Alignment Sticks!

Published on Author Anchal Thakrar

Are you a golfer keep one thing in your mind that is make perfect swing, you may think why? If you cannot make right swing you just forget about to strike the ball out off the ground. It is where best golf alignment stick importance can understand.

Here are some buying guides that can help you to pick the best one.

Comparison Chart: Top Rated Golf Alignment Sticks, for-the-Pro!

Image Model Name Dimensions Weight Rating
EXCL Sports Golf Alignment Sticks, Pack of 2 Alignment Sticks for Golf Practice 48” 5.8 ounces 4/5
Elixir Golf Alignment Sticks 36 “ 8.8 ounces 4.5/5
Pride Sports Golf Alignment Stick 48” 4.3/5
Record Golf Swing-Cell Phone Clip Holder and training aid by SelfieGolf TM- Golf Accessories 5.5×4.5×3 6.4 ounces 4.8/5
Sklz Gold Flex 40” 1.8 pounds 4.4/5
Callaway Alignment Stix 48” 2.5 pounds 4/5
Frogger Golf Putting and Swing Alignment stick 40” 8.8 ounces
Aeola Swing Trainer Stick Alignment and Practice Club 25x8x5cm/9.84×3.15×1.97in 2 pounds
Sklz Pro Rods Golf Training

alignment set

48” 1.6 pounds 4.5/5
Elixir Golf Practice training aids 7.2 ounces 4.4/5

10. EXCL Sports Golf Alignment Sticks (2-Pack) for Golf Practice

Excl golf alignments sticks are pack of two in 48 inch size made of durable and premium quality fiberglass. Regardless of experience in golf, make your practice more effective and offers proper alignment in regard to target line.


  • Great gold training aid
  • Aid to align body visually


  • Size is little big that may not fit in your golf bag easily.

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9. Elixir Golf Alignment Sticks (pack of 2) for swing training and practice

A multifunctional training aid aims at ball position, swinging plane, to put drills and target markers. The sticks is get protected have rubber caps on both end. The stick connector makes them easy to cross stick at 90 degree angle.


  • Portable
  • Easy to carry
  • Light weight


  • Defect in package cap

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8. Pride Sports Golf Alignment Stick

Lot of drills can be performed using these sticks of PrideSports. This multipurpose stick is designed to aid amateur players and advanced too. Not only they works for great golf game rather target problems of specific areas like alignment, movement of body, swing panel and touch up putts also.


  • Collapsible sticks
  • Reusable plastic tube to store


  • Do not line straight or perfectly over time.

7. SelfieGolf TM Record Golf Swing – Golf Accessories

It helps to record swing system designed such a way that can be set up easily in seconds and works on any ground surface. First attach the clip of phone to the alignment rod, next attach bag clip with golf bag and set your phone using phone clip, start filming.


  • Adaptive to any size phones with innovative clip design
  • Best golf equipment improves golf swing
  • It can attach to all types of golf bags
  • It ensures to fit to all kinds of aim sticks
  • Luxurious dust bag to enhance storage facilities


  • No aim stick, golf bag and golf club
  • Suboptimal view from ground

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6. SKLZ Golf Flex Alignment Stick

The golf training aid is used for tempo and strength training. You can use it to warm up before game and get low impact stretches to have easy mobility. It works on fundamental core of golf muscles and tones oblique when you get more muscle memory. Simply just swing your training aid to learn lag and eliminates early releases.


  • Two sizes are available 40” and 48”
  • Quality of construction
  • Proper feel of tempo, understands club head and swing path
  • Rotate your arms with impact
  • Smooth swings and weighs perfect for natural progression


  • Choose size as per your height
  • Less durability

5. Callaway Stix Alignment Stick

You can maximize the range sessions by using Callaway Alignment stix, you can configure multiple ways and helps improving your swing path and alignment. The whole kit comes with two 48” shock cord rods that can be folded into half sizes to store easily. Also includes a storage container that fits in any golf bags easily. The alignment stix is perfect for any level golf player.


  • Compact and easily usable steel sticks
  • Clear plastic 24” tube to store in apparel pocket
  • Two shock corded rods of 48”
  • Perfect for every golfer


  • Less durability

4. Frogger Golf Putting and Swing Alignment Stick

Golf alignment sticks from Frogger is necessary tool and stay consistent in your swing. It helps in improving with different length in terms of alignment, position of ball and swinging path. Use one stick on target line to improve shot alignment and two sticks parallel one on target line and other stance line.


  • 2 sticks of 40” in black
  • Fiberglass rods
  • End caps removable
  • Instructions for alignment and ball position


  • Not available


3. Aeola Swing Training Alignment Stick and Practice Club

Training aid stick alignment is made of chrome plated steel offers centre of gravity. The trainer helps to stretch your swing back and grooves.


  • Helps in chip game
  • Right or left handed golfer
  • Golf hand grip


  • Expensive

2. SKLYZ Pro Rods Golf Trainer Alignment Set (3-rod)

If you are looking to improve golf game practice, you should buy this 3 rod alignment set. They have painted rings that aids in ball and foot position.


  • 3 48” rods with nine rings of 3cm help to club with ball and alignment stance to put and chip drills
  • Easily stake to help with body position and swing
  • Fiberglass strength


  • No caps

1. Elixir Golf Practice Training Aids Alignment Stick

A 2 stick golf training aid is a golf alignment training sticks to be carried in tube conveniently.


  • Multi-functional golf training aids helps in alignment, ball position, aim, swing plane, putting drills or target markers
  • Rubber caps at both ends
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Short size

When you look for specific golf alignment sticks, check its features, reviews and price because to find the best one is difficult today.

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