Top Tips On Reserving Golf Tee Times For Yourself!

Published on Author Anchal Thakrar

You can play Golf, either solo or in a group of friends. In both the circumstances, you need to have ‘tee time’ for every game of Golf. A tee time is a reservation of the exact time when you will start your round. You have to get the reservation for the Golf Course. By this procedure, an optimal number of golfers can be on the course, at a time, thus avoiding any overcrowding.

The tee time is spaced out at regular intervals that may vary from seven minutes to thirty minutes. You need to obtain tee time, much in advance, even up to a year for popular courses.

To enjoy playing Golf, you may keep in mind the following top tips for reserving Golf tee time for yourself.

1. Time

For choosing a tee time, you should take into consideration; the time of the year and a nice weather. The second consideration is the specific time of the day. Morning time is popular because you can get a faster filling of times. The third consideration is the length of the course; whether a 9-hole or an 18-hole game.

You should adhere to the exact time. It will be better if you call a course minimum half an hour before the scheduled time. If you get earlier, make some time to hit some balls on the driving range

2. Equipment

You should follow the rules and etiquette of Golf Course. As per the rules, your golf bag should contain no more than 14 clubs. Although there is no limitation on the minimum clubs, etiquette demands that you should not borrow clubs from friends.

Make sure; there are plenty of tees and golf balls in your golf bag. If it is your first time, it is likely that you will lose a lot of balls. You must be prepared to face such contingency.

3. Dress Codes

Most golf courses prescribe certain dress codes which you should follow appropriately. You can meet this requirement by wearing khaki shorts and collared golf short. But, it is better to get checked from the course organizes if there is a different requirement. Although shoes are not always required, the wearing of golf gloves is up to you.

4. Tipping

The golf etiquette demands that you should give tips to the ‘Cart Jockeys’ or the Beverage Cart Driver. The attendants of carts, give you warm a greeting when you on arrival at the golf course and take your golf bags to the course. The cart drivers of beverages sell drinks near some courses. Consider giving them reasonable amount of tips for their voluntary services.

5. Teeing Off

Tee Markers are small colored stones or cones, used as an indicator. On the ground, put the ball either between the markers behind them at a distance measuring of two club lengths. Remember, never to place before them. In case you are playing with white tees, find out white markers.

6. Away, Ready Play and Honors

Honors determine the order of play on shots. If you have ‘Honors,’ you can tee off first. You can decide this on random assessment on the first tee. For subsequent tees, a golfer who made the highest score during the just the previous hole plays first, then the second highest scorer and then the third.

Ties are carried over towards the next tee box falling next. Therefore, you can retain your space inside the rotation till beating a golfer on a hole. A golfer who is out or away can lead the way. You will play first if you are at the furthermost from the hole and can play from various positions on the golf course, excepting the tee box.

Ready Golf means “hit-when-you-are-ready, ” and all members agree for playing the ‘ready golf’ for speeding up a particular round.

7. Play As It Lies

This implies that you are not to touch or move when it comes to rest. You must play it as it is. However, the golf rules have prescribed certain exceptions. To follow this rule, you should not touch, or move the ball. But, be sure that the rule allows you to do so. However, an exception allows you to pick the ball and clean it when you find it on the green putting.

You need to put the ball marker exactly behind the ball, before picking it up on the green putting.



8. Lost and Out of Bound Balls

Out-of-the-Bounds must be marked well by using white lines or white stakes. Stroke-plus-distance is the so-called OB’s penalty. It adds a stroke to your score. Then you have to go back to the place from where you shot the ball; later hit the ball again. If you have hit a ball-out-of-bound, hit the secondary ball immediately.

This is also known as the provisional ball, and you have to announce that you are targeting the provisional ball. For a ball that is lost, the penalty is known as ‘stroke-plus-distance.’ Therefore, hit the provisional.

9. Keep Up the Pace

If you play slow and don’t keep pace, other golfers will be waiting behind, which is thoroughly against the etiquette of golf. Don’t wait for your turn to come, instead of figuring which club you use or determining the line of the putt. You can utilize the time when other players are hitting for making such decisions. You may step up to the right and play when your turn comes.

10. Safety and Care of the Course

You should be concerned about the care and safety of the golf course. In case you are utilizing the golf cart, spot the rules associated with the posted cart. Since cart damages, the path, keep them on the path. Overhaul your ball marks or pitch marks that are situated on the green. Also, mend your clumps in the fairway. Divots are chunks or scrapes of sliced off stuff. Pick up the sods, you chopped and put it back in the finalizing scrape.

Reserving tee times is an essential element in the golf course. For enjoying the game yourself and allowing other golfers, the same privileges, observe the above top tips.