Play The Game In Style: Top 10 Golf Putting Alignment Mirrors – Complete Product Review!

Published on Author Anchal Thakrar

Poor alignment remains the major cause of missed putts. Golf putting alignment mirrors are used to check all part of putting alignment and set up. It remains a perfect way to get ready to play.

Here are given reviews of 10 best golf putting alignment mirror. The reviews will help you to buy one.


10. EyeLine Golf Edge Putting System

The golf edge putting system allows you to see, hear and feel a stroke. You can have a full view of your eyes, shoulder, face, arms, putter, and shaft in the edge mirror. The rail is a set of a 70-degree angle, which remains the lie angle of most putters.

EyeLine Golf Edge Putting System: 

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  • It is a great training tool.
  • It helps you to put stroke very easily.
  • The non-slip surface holds both indoor and outdoor.


  • The metal rail is not coated with a material to avoid scratching of the putter.

9. RUGD Sports, GENUINE Putting Alignment Mirror

Professionals use the sports product. They provide better alignment and better tempo. The putting aid can cut strokes off your round after the usage. You can view the head and shoulder alignment over the ball which will help you getting direction to shave the stroke off the game. They are easily portable.


  • It provides better alignment than any other product.
  • The new version has 6-inch drawback providing better tempo.
  • They are easy to carry.


  • If not taken care properly, it scratches easily.

8. Voplop Golf Putting Alignment Mirror – Training Golf Tool

The alignment mirror is used by professional golf players to improve putting skill. They allow you to view head and shoulder alignment over a ball to shave strokes off their game. You will be provided a 60-day money back guarantee. It provides the best alignment and aims the ball.

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  • The tool has a unique shape providing better alignment.
  • They are a great training set for any golfer.
  • You may use this mirror outdoor and indoor.


  • The mirror gets fingerprints easily.

7. Genuine EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

It is a highly portable golf putting alignment mirror, and you can easily set up on the green. It helps you to create confidence in the green. It has slots for gate drill. It provides perfect alignment to target, and you may see over the ball.

Genuine EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror:

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  • It is lightweight product and easily portable.
  • Checking your setup on the green is great.
  • It creates an accelerating stroke.


  • The material may not be soft to your hand.

6. PureShot Golf Putting Alignment & Plane Mirror

The product allows you to improve your alignment and you can make more putts easily. It comes up with adjustable putting rails. The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty for the golf putting mirror.


  • It helps you develop consistent putting stroke.
  • It improves your alignment.
  • It helps you align putter as well as your shoulder.


  • The plastic edge gets cracked quickly.

5. Pelz Golf DP4006 Shoulder Alignment Mirror

It is an easy to use a product, and they are great to be used for all skill level. It helps to get the alignment to the target. They allow you to develop smooth, consistent backstroke. It helps you with alignment to target eyes over ball and shoulders.


  • It allows you to swing with confidence.
  • It is splash proof and clips on.
  • It helps you to aim the ball correctly.


  • Not good enough to use on the field regularly.

4. Pocket Putting Mirror Golf Alignment Training Tool

The convex mirror shows eyes and shoulder. They are good to check aim, alignment, swing path and square impact. They come up with training kit. They are easily portable. They are convenient to be used indoor as well as outdoor.


  • The drills and alignment instructions are included with the product.
  • It helps to improve your putting stroke.
  • There are a number of drills included in the package.


  • They are too small and moves on by practicing.
  • It doesn’t hold the ball well.

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3. SKLZ Putting Alignment Training Mirror

The alignment training mirror helps to improve putting accuracy and consistency. The mirror allows you to adjust shoulder alignment. You can easily keep your eyes on the ball. The ten moveable pegs help to keep the putter on a path.


  • It provides a full view of shoulder and head alignment over the ball.
  • The durable mirror comes with a protective carry bag for storage.
  • They are great for left or right- hand players.


  • The product lacks brochure to guide how to use it.

2. Alignment Putting Mirror, Bubble Level Ball Marker Bundle

It helps to improve putting accuracy with perfect eye alignment. You can do perfect strokes using the alignment lines. You may align your eyes with the ball mirror. The putting cup is of standard size and made of solid material.


  • Align your shoulders with the target line.
  • The alignment lines help you to hone your stroke.
  • You may improve your putting accuracy and get rid of three putts.


  • It comes with a bag that hole does not fit into.

1. Tebery Putting Alignment Training Mirror

The putting alignment training tool is created to check your putting posture. It provides you a full view of stroke. It is a highly portable product and great for checking your set up on a green. Professionals use them to improve their putting skill.


  • They are perfect to be used to practice swinging at home.
  • They are lightweight and easy to carry.
  • They are suitable for indoor and outdoor practice.


  • The product is pricey.

The putting alignment mirror gives you a full view of set up and stroke. The non-skid base allows you to practice playing golf on the green. Being properly aligned and making a good stroke is within our control.