Play The Game In Style: Top 10 Golf Putting Alignment Mirrors – Complete Product Review!

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Poor alignment remains the major cause of missed putts. Golf putting alignment mirrors are used to check all part of putting alignment and set up. It remains a perfect way to get ready to play.

Here are given reviews of 10 best golf putting alignment mirror. The reviews will help you to buy one.


10. EyeLine Golf Edge Putting System

The golf edge putting system allows you to see, hear and feel a stroke. You can have a full view of your eyes, shoulder, face, arms, putter, and shaft in the edge mirror. The rail is a set of a 70-degree angle, which remains the lie angle of most putters.

EyeLine Golf Edge Putting System: 

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  • It is a great training tool.
  • It helps you to put stroke very easily.
  • The non-slip surface holds both indoor and outdoor.


  • The metal rail is not coated with a material to avoid scratching of the putter.

9. RUGD Sports, GENUINE Putting Alignment Mirror

Professionals use the sports product. They provide better alignment and better tempo. The putting aid can cut strokes off your round after the usage. You can view the head and shoulder alignment over the ball which will help you getting direction to shave the stroke off the game.…

How To Avoid Injuries While Playing Golf?

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Golf is one of the expensive sports, and it is popularly known as the rich man’s game. This is mainly due to the cost of equipment and the expense to become a member of the golf club. Golf is commonly played by business people; CEO’s and film personalities to prevent lifestyle disease.

Playing golf is good for your body as it improves stamina and builds muscles. Golfers are prone to certain injuries of muscles and joints. This is due to the repetitive motion involved in each swing while playing the game. It is possible to avoid some common injuries while playing golf if you simply follow some sense steps to make things better.

Lower Back

Lower back pain is a common complaint among golfers, as you swing you put on a great strain on this area. This can be due to some causes of arthritis, stress fractures, and disc problem. You can prevent the back pain if you work on your swing. Some other prevention method includes:

  • Staying hydrated will prevent muscle pain.
  • Warm up with stretches before and after swinging will prevent the strain on your muscles.
  • You must wear comfortable golf shoes to put less stress on your back.

World’s Top 20 Golf Courses 2017 – 2018 In The US

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Are you are looking for worlds top 20 golf courses in the US? There are endless choices you have to look out throughout the country. Some of the outstanding golf courses are in the United States out of which some are available for club members only. Keeping this in mind, here we bring the best golf courses of the United States of America for 2017-2018.

20. Pine Valley G.C

The grandness of Pine Valley at Southwest Jersey is what going to first stick out you then property size, and of course, the acreages on each hole is just mind-blowing. The architectural dominance and variety in all aspect make Pine Valley unparalleled in the golf world.

19. Capitol Hill, Prattville in Alabama

Most popular and stunning course is spread around 1500 acres with utter beauty so probably makes best enough to be on the U.S top list. You can play golf course in the view of Alabama River.

18. Blackwolf Run    

Typical panel hard edges of Pete Dye along the ligament that nap through steep, nasty and rough, bunkers grass-faced are fear-inducing yet memorable holes all around like a remarkable short of par-4 9th is possible with three options off the legitimate tee.…

Top Tips On Reserving Golf Tee Times For Yourself!

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You can play Golf, either solo or in a group of friends. In both the circumstances, you need to have ‘tee time’ for every game of Golf. A tee time is a reservation of the exact time when you will start your round. You have to get the reservation for the Golf Course. By this procedure, an optimal number of golfers can be on the course, at a time, thus avoiding any overcrowding.

The tee time is spaced out at regular intervals that may vary from seven minutes to thirty minutes. You need to obtain tee time, much in advance, even up to a year for popular courses.

To enjoy playing Golf, you may keep in mind the following top tips for reserving Golf tee time for yourself.

1. Time

For choosing a tee time, you should take into consideration; the time of the year and a nice weather. The second consideration is the specific time of the day. Morning time is popular because you can get a faster filling of times. The third consideration is the length of the course; whether a 9-hole or an 18-hole game.

You should adhere to the exact time. It will be better if you call a course minimum half an hour before the scheduled time.…

Golf Like A Pro: Detailed Product Review Of Top 10 Golf Alignment Sticks!

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Are you a golfer keep one thing in your mind that is make perfect swing, you may think why? If you cannot make right swing you just forget about to strike the ball out off the ground. It is where best golf alignment stick importance can understand.

Here are some buying guides that can help you to pick the best one.

Comparison Chart: Top Rated Golf Alignment Sticks, for-the-Pro!

Image Model Name Dimensions Weight Rating
EXCL Sports Golf Alignment Sticks, Pack of 2 Alignment Sticks for Golf Practice 48” 5.8 ounces 4/5
Elixir Golf Alignment Sticks 36 “ 8.8 ounces 4.5/5
Pride Sports Golf Alignment Stick 48” 4.3/5
Record Golf Swing-Cell Phone Clip Holder and training aid by SelfieGolf TM- Golf Accessories 5.5×4.5×3 6.4 ounces 4.8/5
Sklz Gold Flex 40” 1.8 pounds 4.4/5
Callaway Alignment Stix 48” 2.5 pounds 4/5
Frogger Golf Putting and Swing Alignment stick 40” 8.8 ounces
Aeola Swing Trainer Stick Alignment and Practice Club 25x8x5cm/9.84×3.15×1.97in 2 pounds
Sklz Pro Rods Golf Training

alignment set

48” 1.6 pounds 4.5/5
Elixir Golf Practice training aids 7.2 ounces 4.4/5

10. EXCL Sports Golf Alignment Sticks (2-Pack) for Golf Practice

Excl golf alignments sticks are pack of two in 48 inch size made of durable and premium quality fiberglass.…

Practice With Ease: Detailed Product Review Of Top 10 Golf Training Aid Golf Nets In 2017!

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Golf nets play a great role in making us skilled in this sport. These net require minimal space, and you can even choose to set at indoor spaces. Also, they are very easy to set up fast.

Let’s get down looking at some of the greatest golf hitting nets:

10. Spornia SPG-5 Golf Practice Net

These golf nets are safe to practice your skills in a large area. The striking feature about them is that easy and very fast to set up as well as breakdown. Every time you hit the ball, it will roll down straight without bouncing or even touching the floor. This feature removes any damage to the floor.

You can set up this net indoor or outdoor as you may like. You can carry them easily as they are very light weighted. These nets also have large target sheets that will be able to absorb all the ball impact thereby resisting it to get damaged.


  • Ball will roll back straight without bouncing
  • Easy to set up
  • Large target sheets


  • Should not be touched to the walls


9. Rukket 10x7ft Haack Golf Practice Net

These Rukket Haack golf net are light in weight that will allow you to carry it safely and easily anywhere.…